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Michael is eager and ready to collaborate with all stakeholders to affect change in the Roosevelt Elementary School District, his background and tenacity makes him a fantastic candidate for School Board. 

Public Safety

Candidate Michael Butts Cincinnati Police Picture
  • Support both our law enforcement and our community by investing (re-allocating) department funds towards mental health and substance abuse responders and increased training for community policing techniques. 

  • Support law enforcement officers' ability to report inappropriate, illegal and unethical behavior of fellow officers without threat of reprisal or termination. 

  • Support investments and increased mental health and PTSD counseling and treatment for our officers. 

Criminal Justice

  • Support the greater citizens and private oversight of police and corrections agencies with greater ability and power to investigate police misconduct.

  • Support police and sentencing reforms that have disproportionate rates of incarceration for minority populations, while eliminating Department of Corrections contracts for private prisons.

  • Support drug policy reform aimed at keeping nonviolent drug offenders out of prisons and in treatment programs


  • Increase school funding & salary for teachers and have heavier investments in title one schools.

  • Ensure adequate and fair school choice models and that schools are accessible to all districts, particularly title one choices. 

  • Invest in programs aimed at the physical and mental well-being of our students through extra-curricular activities, counseling, and healthy eating.

Neighborhood/Quality of Life

  • Invest in programs designed to keep rents affordable while investing in our most vulnerable neighborhoods.

  • Penalize negligent property owners who facilitate sub-standard rental properties which don’t meet current codes and standards.

  • Invest in increased community-oriented facilities and parks and increase access for children.

Candidate Michael Butts Master of Education During Covid Picture
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